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QXPure activated carbon air purifier - specially designed against Covid-19.

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Dust, pollen and
particles in the air
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Bacteria and viruses,
including SARS-CoV-2.
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Formaldehydes and
other pollutants
QXPure Luftreiniger - Speziell entwickelt gegen Covid-19

Choose the right activated carbon air purifier for your room:


For the bedroom or children's room


For small apartments, the living room or meeting rooms


For coworking spaces, open-plan offices and larger apartments

Filter technology

Our activated carbon air filters neutralize over 99.95% of pollutants from the air.

Contamination in the room air

Every day we spend most of our time in various indoor spaces, where odors, pollutants, viruses and bacteria are more concentrated than in the open air. Through our air purifiers, all indoor pollutants are drawn in, filtered and neutralized. So you can enjoy clean and fresh air, all day long.

Buy activated carbon air purifier - with QooXoo for clean air

The QooXoo air purifier is equipped with a highly efficient virus deactivation mechanism. The fine structures of the HEPA filter all viruses and bacteria. The additional special filter with copper and silver anions also ensures that the viruses are reliably and completely neutralized. This is so important, so that reproduction and infection at the filter is no longer possible. The QooXoo filter can be replaced very easily and completely risk-free. 

What is special about the QXPure

We reliably neutralize bacteria and viruses, including the Corona virus.

Activated carbon filter

Filters odors such as cigarette smoke and body odor


Filters particles >3µg to 99.95% from the room air

PM 2.5

Detects and filters fine dust <2.5µg

Ag/Cu+ anion filter

Neutralizes viruses and bacteria


Binds finest particles such as viruses and bacteria

PM 1.0

Detects the finest pollutants in the air

Buy QXPure Activated Carbon Air Purifier

Works whisper quiet for clean air

For medium to large rooms

Pure and clean indoor air

without compromises

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Everywhere Clean Air

The design of the QXPure air purifiers attracts even more distant impurities in the air and distributes clean and fresh air evenly throughout the room.

Destroy viruses and bacteria, how does it work?

The QXPure air filters have an effective virus deactivation mechanism. The ultra-fine structures of the HEPA filter stop all types of viruses. The additional special filters with copper and silver anions ensure that the viruses are reliably sucked out of the air and completely destroyed. This is why it is so important, so that a multiplication of the viruses cannot take place. Infection at the filter is thus excluded. Our unique filters can therefore be replaced completely without risk. 

In order to quickly render the aerosols floating in the room harmless, it is important to generate an aerodynamically optimal air flow, which can quickly and efficiently take care of the exchange of air in the entire room. Our air purifiers are therefore designed to filter a high volume of air with minimal noise.

Copper and silver anions

Reliably destroy viruses and bacteria, including the Corona virus.

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Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our range and soon say yourself: Pure Air Pure Life with an activated carbon air purifier from QooXoo.


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