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About QooXoo

About QooXoo GmbH:

We are a young company from Upper Austria.

We have set ourselves the goal of making a significant contribution to stabilizing the situation in the COVID crisis.

The basic conviction to see a healthy togetherness instead of a social isolation as a goal was the reason in 2020 to search for an innovative, scalable and sustainable technology, which disinfects quickly and reliably our valuable air to breathe and besides the filtering of aerosols (HEPA filter), additionally ensures the “destruction” of any viruses (especially SARS-CoV2 ) without accepting other risks for our health.

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Therefore, we rely on the highly effective copper and silver ion immersion (dip coating) of the fine HEPA filters, a patented technology that is reliable, sustainable, safe and cost-optimized. QooXoo’s technologies are laboratory and market proven.

QooXoo’s founders have many years of experience in customer-focused sales and development of high-quality and technologically advanced home appliances, as well as managing large teams. Building a powerful, innovative organization that recognizes and realizes customer intimacy as a motivating value is a top priority for the QooXoo team.

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