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Enjoy clean air with the QXPure air purifiers.

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How we provide clean air

The QooXoo virus filter has an additional highly effective virus destruction mechanism. The fine filter structures of the HEPA filter stop the viruses. Our special filter with copper and silver anions then ensures that all viruses are reliably destroyed. This is important so that reproduction and infection can definitely no longer take place at the filter. Our unique filters can therefore be replaced without any problems. They are no longer highly infectious.


What makes QooXoo special

We not only filter, but destroy reliably viruses and bacteria, especially COVID-19 viruses.
No danger from harmful UV radiation and ozone.

Harmful particles and impurities in the air

Day after day, we spend most of our time indoors, where pollutants, odors, bacteria and viruses are more concentrated than outside. Through an air purifier, all harmful substances in the air are sucked in, filtered and destroyed. The result is clean and healthy air, all day long. For a liberated life.

Ag/Cu+ anion filter

Destroys viruses and bacteria

PM 1.0

Detects the finest pollutants in the air

PM 2.5

Detects and filters fine dust <2.5µg

Activated carbon filter

Filters odors such as cigarette smoke and body odor


Binds finest particles such as viruses and bacteria


Filters particles >3µg to 99.97% from the room air

Purest air throughout the room

The optimized design of the QXPure air purifiers attracts even distant impurities in the air and distributes clean air throughout the room.


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